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Tamla Horsford case is closed?

Tamla Horsford Forsyth County Supreme Justice

Tamla was located in the back yard in a prone position. She was laying with her head away from the residence and her feet towards the residence. Her left arm was at an approximately  40 degree angle from her body and the forearm and hand were bent further toward her head in the approximately 10 o’clock position.

Her right arm was straight and by her side with the hand approximately six inches from the leg. Her legs were straight behind her with both feet pointing to the right. Tamla was clad in a one piece pajama outfit consisting of a white fleece hooded outfit with dog paw prints on it and set of ears affixed to the hood.


Tamla’s body was sketched and measured. Additionally the height of the main level porch was noted as well as the height of the rail. With the permission of Deputy Coroner Bowen, Tamla was turned over. Most notable when Tamla was turned over was the fact she had come to rest face down. Her head had not been canted to one side or the other.

Tamla’s right wrist was fractured or dislocated. There was a large bump where her wrist met her hand as well as a cut over the bump as if the bone had cut the skin from the inside. There were matching defects on both of Tamla’s shins. These corresponded with a piece of metal landscape edging which stood up approximately one inch from the surrounding ground. Other than the broken wrist and cuts on her shins, no obvious signs of injury presented themselves.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said its investigation into her death has closed, after 300 hours of manpower and 30 interviews with party guests and others who had a connection to the party.

The decent is a 40 years old woman. Per report, she was last known to be alive shortly after midnight on November 4, 2018. At that time she was drinking heavily at a party in a residence. The next morning she was discovered unresponsive in the back yard under a deck that is approximately 10-15 feet from the ground. It appeared as though she may have fallen from the deck. She was pronounced dead without attempted resuscitation.

Tamla Horsford Forsyth County Supreme Justice

Autopsy revealed severe injuries of the head, neck and torso, including subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the space between the brain and skull).  Subdural hemorrhage (bleeding between the brain and the membrane that surrounds the brain), fracture of the 2nd cervical vertebra (a broken neck vertebra), and a laceration of the heart.

Other injuries included abrasions of the face, left arm, left hand and left leg, lacerations of the right wrist and right leg, and a dislocation of the right wrist. The observed injuries are consistent with those received in a fall. In light of the autopsy findings and investigation information, the cause of death is Multiple Blunt Force Injuries and the manner of death is accident.

Tamla Horsford Forsyth County Supreme JusticeThink about a white lady found dead on a black lady’s front lawn at an all black party. Everybody in that house would probably be arrested for something.


Black woman murdered at football moms sleep over. This is 40 years old Tammy, mother of 5 boys and daughter. She was murdered on November 4th 2018, while attending a sleep over with 7 WHITE WOMAN. What was supposed to be an all woman’s slumber party, ended in a mysterious night of questions. Tammy was found brutally beaten facedown in the yard later that morning. Her body was discovered by the homeowner’s aunt at 7:30 am.. 911 was called around 9:30 am. At the same house these women shared laughs and drinks earlier that evening.

Now here’s the strange part, three men also attended this sleep over, so out of the 10 people present nobody knows what happened to Tammy? So you mean to tell me Tammy was murdered at this sleep over, and nobody heard or seen anything. Yes correct nobody knows what happen. To top it off there was no thorough murder investigation, and procedure was not followed.

Tammy’s family hasn’t received autopsy reports stating the cause of death. So this black lady gets murdered, and everyone walks out that house FREE…back to their football moms duties. These families involved has political ties and lots of money. They’re covering up her murder. In fact they believe no one cares enough about this BLACK LADY. Since they have already been successful in delaying documents on her case and keeping things under wraps. Sounds like white privilege to  me, what you all think?

Tamla Horsford Forsyth County Supreme Justice

one of the most racist counties in america.

I would have accepted that invite after all. And, did exactly what they planed on doing to me. In their drinks. Story would have read “five or whatever white women dead”. And one Hispanic man all dead. Stand with white women? okay. You see they pushed her off the porch after beating her. I will stand with their asses alright. Stand over them. Black women we don’t have any allies.

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