Forsyth Sheriff's Office

Tamla Horsford Death in Forsyth County

Tamla Horsford death review, we know that Tamla Horsford was founded dead at the yard facedown. They said that she has been fallen from the balcony but there is no deep investigation about this case. The balcony is not high enough to kill her and the railings are high enough to prevent her from falling. The states that Tamla was drunk that is why she falls from the balcony, which is impossible to believe. If that’s true that she is drunk, she will befall on the floor and can’t manage anymore to stand up. Tamla Horsford is not crazy that she will go to a balcony a let her self fall. Even if the person is drunk, we have the instinct to save or self. Their story is a cover-up. They killed her.

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The investigator and official in Forysth County did not make any further investigation about this and they close this case and proclaimed the cause of death is an accident.

Let us read what their comments on this video about Tamla Horsford death:


“They would rather talk about Smollet, than the murder of an innocent woman!! A black Woman…..foolish nation,evil”

“No media exposure until social media began discussing her how trifling”

tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice

“She was murdered! Point blank! They killed her! Why can’t we just tell the truth, stop being so scared of them. They killed the lady point blank! Stop saying slumber party, people dont die, & get wrist cut at slumber party! Can you all say, “Modern day Lynching”!

“I’m not trying to go ANYWHERE where there’s only white people. I remember one morning years ago me & my best friend went to this restaurant that we heard had good breakfast. We hadn’t even got all the way through the parking lot & noticed that it was all white people inside. We said hell naw & turned around & got right back in the car. Damn that. I don’t trust them.”

tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice tamla horsford death forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice

“Here in Louisiana a black official was elected. You can bet your last dollar white people not happy. So, low and behold, he was found the next day with his hands tied behind his back, with bag over his head and hanging from a tree. They said his death was suicide. Case closed.”

“Wow I had never heard of this story until now smh! This woman was murdered and that police department did a piss poor job, anybody with common sense can see these people are lying.”

“Just how many tragedies will it take for black people to wake up and unite.”

forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice

“I just saw that story. Something seems shady. You can hear the 911 call on YouTube. The caller is very calm. That was really strange.”

“She thought she was accepted, but they showed her she wasn’t.”

“If you are from ga Forsyth is predominantly white basically 99 percent to be exact an the saying there is if your black don’t get caught in Forsyth after dark she must have been from out of town or no one told her or she just ignored it an tried to be friendly an paid with her life if you go to Forsyth that’s a experience for a black person its sad but Forsyth is messed up police an all”

“1) she was the only person actually in her pajamas everybody else was still wearing their clothes 2) they lied to her about who was and wasn’t coming…. Both suggest a premeditated act 3) their a bunch elevator shaped white women and she was a pretty black woman it could have been done out of a combination of racism and jealousy. 4) everybody went 2 sleep and one person stayed on the balcony?? Now everybody wakes up and she dead ?? Not even a decent lie…. But with all that said she only has herself 2 blame for being in that place with those people”

forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice forsyth county supreme justice

“On the 911 call the white woman is rehearsed and or coached. She makes sure she says ” she was drinking twice ” lol. It’s like catching a child in a lie. This is a no brainier. There was foul play”

“Passed away she was murdered in a sundown town up the road from me. Atlanta news barely covered this”

“she was in a room with 10 or 12 of them who all helped cover up her death. They are all the same because they are all complicit. Not one has stepped up with the truth 0 for 0 sounds like all to me”

“We have to learn that we can’t live around everyone especially down south. Forsyth County is known to be mostly white. They always hated blacks in the outerskirts of Atlanta. She was the only black and they set her up .IJS She was caught in a shark tank or lions den with no allies.”

“That’s why black lives matter. We as black peoples have to stop befriending white peoples and thinking they cool and all that, they don’t have our best interests at hand”

“This is why black people need to stay away from them people how many more people must die before we get it is sad that it happened to that sister but reality is this will keep happening as long as we keep trying to be their friend and be around them and we will never no what really happened because they all are going to stick together And will never tell on each other.”

“Sounds like an open and closed case, they obviously left a lot of questions unanswered. Looks like a scuffle broke out and perhaps she was jumped and beaten to death then thrown over the balcony where she landed face down. Authorities know this as well as the medical examiner, they’re hoping this story doesn’t gain traction and it won’t if it’s left up to local media.”

“Seems like another Kenneka Jenkins case to me ! Being the ONLY Black person surrounded by those WHITE folks I feel the killer is among the group on the night in question, the story does not make sense and to me all them are GUILTY”

“They didn’t call 911 until 930 in the morning. But,Claimed to have found her 730 in the morning .Why wait 2 hours to call the police?That makes no sense.On top of that if it’s supposed to have been only women there why was there 3 men at this sleep over? And if she was supposedly drunk why’d they leave her alone on the “Balcony”? I think the family should start embarrassing people put all of their faces out there.Hire a private P.I. and find out if there’s more cover ups with these people involved.”

“She was the only 1 in her pajamas red flag right here everyone knows pajamas are easy to get off it seems like the white women set it up”

“It sounds like a set-up and especially in that part of Georgia because that is kkklan territory.”

“The fact that she was the only black person in the photo shouldn’t be alarming but what bothered me is that the woman making the 911 call spoke as if she knew what happened to Tamala step by step. How could you say anything if you and everyone else in the house was supposedly asleep 🙄? Why would you so called leave someone intoxicated by themselves in your own home? Those women set her up and she lost her life. Whether the men did it or the women, she was outnumbered . That’s how I feel. This sickens me to my core. This is why you do not let or allow your children to sleep over their so-called friends house. As we can see even adults are not safe. So-called friends make a call 7:30 in the morning? So-called friends allow three men to join their all women sleep-over party? Nobody knows what happened? No names given. And the only person that does ask questions is fired from her job? The terrorist sherif reads off an autopsy statement . . . this is why they call it a system. They control the narrative and handle and hide the person whether dead or alive or behind bars or in a morgue and stand out in front of a microphone read off statements and it is all white-wash. Every last one of these people that have a set of eyes should be called in for questioning including those that handled her badly beaten body and slashed wrists, everyone at the so-called sleep-over the six other women, the three males that showed up, the medical unit that was dispatched, the so-called sherif, the so-called coroner and those whom the family spoke with as well as the woman that began her own personal investigation that cost her her job, and the person or people involved with firing her so as to put an end to her questioning. Thank you Phil for having such a platform that allows people like this woman and her family to have their voice heard and express their emotions and ask those important questions and get some real answers. Lawyer should already be on this. Who owns the home? The property? How do these women all know each other? So they all work together? Live in the same area? Are they connected through social media? And all these questions should be asked and answered about the three white males as well.”

“They killed her. No mystery at all. Foul play is happening especially after hearing the phone conversation to 911 and caller failed to express any shock or distress about finding her friend dead. That phone call sounds very rehearsed.”

“I know this family I love this family I don’t believe it was an accidental death. Her husband is a good man and like you I’m not about spending the night at someone’s house”

“How much you want to bet if this was a white woman at an all black sleep over supposed to be just girls and 3 black guys showed up and she died they would all be locked up, no question about it!!”

“Everyone knows the motto of Forsyth County, Georgia is to “keep Forsyth white”

“Those white probably drugged her and called her “Ni**ERS” and probably sexually assulted her. She was clearly murdered.”

“Face down? That means she was already dead at the time landed down.”

“She obviously was invited to her own death! Most Black crimes are never solved, but her death got solve quickly; and of course it’s an accidental death. In other words, she is responsible for her own death! Some friends are your worst enemies. May she Rest In Peace, and condolence to her family.”

“Conspiracy, and she was poisoned by someone or the klan did that,Forsyth county itself is racist…I don’t believe she just fell off a balcony. She was assaulted.. this sad”

“We need to recognize that white people do not like us! I am not going into places where I am the only black.person.”

“This lady’s death was set-up and murdered! Black people the climate we are in no black individuals should be with a group of caucasians unless you’re packing heat! Georgia is known for this if anyone knows it’s history!”

“No one heard her scream as she was falling?!! I heard of babies falling further and only with broken bones but they survived. Never heard of anyone dieing from a fall in the grass”

“Start arresting everyone that was there at the party, charge them with murder and I’ll bet someone will start talking. Case close”

“Please forgive me I do not want to offend anyone but grown ups do not do sleep overs, and when she got there and men were there why didn’t she leave? It is dangerous for black people to be to trusting in people who have a history of hating you. This story they are telling the public renks of foul play and I have to ask was any of her internal organs missing, and why did these people not notice she was gone. There are those who will use women to trick women into situations they know they will not be able to handle. But all we can do now is keep sharing this story and try to get some justice for this fallen sister. Stay safe and keep your heads on swivel when you’re out among people who have a history of hating you. Black people please wake up, this sleep your in is deadly as we read and review this story.”

“Strength and best wishes to her family, especially those 5 kids. This reminds me of another similiar case of Lavena Johnson. Young sista full of promise, signs up for the military, goes overseas, then ends up mysteriously brutally killed. She had been beaten savagely, raped, had acid poured on her to cover-up the rape, shot in the head, and drug into a tent with a trail of her own blood leading up to the tent from fuck only knows where..and the military basically told her parents she did it to herself and it was ruled an “accident”. Case closed”

“Just stating the obvious, she was the only black person at the party. They probably wanted to experience killing someone and any black person would do. And who the hell would go to an adult slumber party?”

“That woman on the phone doesn’t sound very surprised or upset. Why did 3 men show up at an all woman sleepover? They know something! And that woman on the phone mentioned about 3 times that she had been drinking, Black Women do not get that drunk with people they don’t know and especially if men they don’t know are around! More than likely, when those 3 men showed up, she was getting ready to leave and they didn’t want her to go for some reason. How did her wrist get broken, why were all those bruises on her face that a private pathologist found and the coroner didn’t or just didn’t mention it? The family needs to keep looking and asking questions, someone or everyone at that party knows something.”

“Let that had been all black people and a white woman got killed they would have got arrested or even worst”

“Not all but we blacks well the ones who are woke have the sense when we are not wanted or around racists. It tends to make one more apprehensive. Especially if you have experienced so much. Certain mannerisms, words, tones of voice etc. You get to know. Apparently this young lady didnt know about Forsyth County, GA which like Oprah showed was a hotbed for hating blacks even if it was 30 years ago. That spirit still lingers and the president brought it out of these people to be bold once again with it.”



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