Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are problems prevalent in all societies. But every day, each and every one of us can stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes. Be a human rights champion,fight racism!

fight racism forsyth county supreme justice

It needs no degree in fighting for racism. we can simply fight racism by simply sharing articles with social media. Letting others know how someone treats us like. We do not beg for special treatment, what we are asking is fair treatment and justice to our brothers and sisters who experienced being racially discriminated. Sharing articles to social helps to grow the awareness about racism that it still exists and becoming worst. These images are just one of the thousands of black people being racially profiled. Just like what happened to Ms. Tamla Horsford. She was killed in a slumber party. And the authority said it was just an accident. Ashley, being handcuffed without any reason. Sheriff just accused her that she was involved in a wreck, wherein, in fact, Ms. Ashley was in a convenient store buying some stuff when the wreck happened.
These are just examples of racial profiling in Forsyth County. Do you want that these could have happened to your mother? Do you want your mother to be murdered like a pig? Do you want your sister or girlfriend being handcuffed?
If you do not want that these will happen to your family, well join us. You can share this link to let others know how terrible in Forsyth County about racism. And let them know how stupid Ron Freeman.


Ron Freekman

forsyth county sheriff ron freeman

Ronnie H Freeman┬áis the current sheriff in Forsyth County, he’s the good old boy, in the good old boy system. He assigned his dumbest investigators to investigate the death of Tamla Horsford, he tried to hide personal connections with the persons of interest had with him and persons investigating them. The first step in getting Justice for Tamla Horsford is getting Ron Freeman out of office as sheriff, he is corrupt and unethical and is obstructing the Horsford friends and family of justice.

The hope is if Ron gets fired, sent to jail or whatever, there is a greater chance Tamla Horsfords Case gets reinvestigated

Sheriff Ron Freeman has a history of protecting his personal interest instead of the interest of community safety and interest when it comes to justice. Jeanne Meyers, Nichole Lawson, Stacy Smith, Jose Barrera, and Tom Smith, need to be re-investigated about the what happened on the night of Nov 4th, someone knows something, and between Dunkin Donut gift cards, and privilege, someone has gotten away with murder!

Ron has multiple dealings with persons of interests and allowed them to meddle with the investigation, bully and harass the victim’s friends and family. There are multiple inconsistent stories, that do not add up. There was evidence that was overlooked or thrown away.