Forsyth County History

With a population of roughly 228,000, the town is ranked as the 16th-wealthiest county in the US. Behind it’s affluence, there is a bitter, painful history. The county attracted national attention once before as a sundown town, where Black people and gays lived in fear of hostile action.

In 1912, the county was embroiled in a racial conflict that stemmed from two assaults on White women. One victim alleged her attacker was a Black male. The mere suggestion that a consensual relationship existed between her and the alleged assailant saw a Black preacher beaten nearly to death. The other victim was found fatally beaten and raped. This led to a series of attacks on Black men where one of the defendants was lynched by a mob at the county jail. Two remaining defendants, aged 16 and 17, were hanged after being found guilty and sentenced to death by an all-White jury. This resulted in a large civil conflict throughout the town and led to all Black citizens being forced out of the area by racist Whites. Their property, if it had not been destroyed, went to White citizens without the legal transfer of title.

In 1987, just five months after beginning her show, Oprah visited Forsyth County. The area was embroiled in another racial conflict with several racial demonstrations from both activists and the KKK. Oprah released the full segment in 2015 and it paints a startling portrait of it’s denizens.

Sundown Forsyth County


This is the most racist county in America. Oprah visited this county and she named this as the sundown county. It is dangerous for black citizens to stay out when the sun is already down. Many criminal cases here that are unsolved, especially when the victim is a black person. Authorities will close the case and conclude accidental death. White people are very racist. They think that they are the supreme human being. They think that they are the most high. This is that the sheriff can handcuff anyone without doing bad. If they think you commit a crime, especially if you are black, they will arrest you. They will not give you a chance for you to explain or ask why they are arresting you.
But if a white citizen was being murdered. All the black person that present on the scene was a suspect. You will get jailed without doing any crime. They will protect their own kind, even if the whites are involved in the criminal thing. They will cover up the case.
We all know before that black people are killed in this county without any reason. It is not safe to stay at night especially if you are alone. They will pretend that they are your friends, smile at you like an angel. But have plans to kill you like a devil. They are very jealous of black people. This must be stopped. Black citizens must unite. They must protect each other to prevent future crimes. To prevent another black citizen from being killed like a pig.

The Racist County in America

In Forsyth County, Georgia, in September 1912 two separate attacks on white women resulted in black men being accused as suspects. One white woman accused a black man of raping her, and another woman was found to have been fatally beaten and raped. These cases resulted in numerous blacks being arrested, and some being physically assaulted by whites. A black preacher was harshly beaten for having been heard to suggest that the first woman may have had a consensual relationship with a black man. Five blacks were charged in the second crime, and one was lynched by a mob of thousands at the county jail; two youths (aged 16 and 17) in the case were convicted of rape and murder by an all-white jury and sentenced to death by hanging. Thousands of whites attended the hangings. In the early stages of the unrest, the Sheriff received reinforcements of 25 Georgia National Guard troops, but they could not control the mob. The prisoner Ernest Knox was taken to Gainesville and then Atlanta to protect him from the mob before trial.

In 1910 more than 1,000 blacks lived in the county, which had more than 10,000 whites. After the trials and executions, bands of white men, known as Night Riders, threatened and intimidated blacks in the county, forcing them out in an early racial expulsion. Most of the blacks lost their land and other property when they fled. Whites took over their abandoned property. Within the next four months, an estimated 98% of the blacks living in the county had left. In the surrounding counties, whites forced an estimated 50% to 100% of blacks from their homes. Most never returned. This has been called the largest case of black expulsion in the history of the United States. As late as the 1980s, no blacks lived in Forsyth County

Racial Profilling in Forsyth Sheriff Office

cumming forsyth police supreme justiceThis sheriff’s office is so disgusting. No proper investigation if you are a black complainant. They will arrest if they want you even if you have not done anything wrong. They will handcuff you without any explanation. If there is a crime that involved white citizens, they will close that case and proclaimed that the cause of death was an accident. Just like what happened to Tamla Horsford. I hope her family commit justice. But if black people were involved in a crime. All of them will be locked up, put to prison without any further investigation. Many white people in this country that has a criminal case that received probation. Like child exploitation, molestation, raped, murder, burglary, illegal drugs. If you committed like this case, if you are white, there’s nothing to worry about because this County will release you and seems like nothing happened. If you are black, and you are just accused of a crime that you have not committed. Just because you look like the description. You will get prisoned and locked up. No further investigation. And worst you will get hung in the public.
This is how dirty this sheriff’s office. They are protecting their own which they think are gods. They are not protecting every citizen in this county. Their only concern is the safety of these white persons.