forsyth county sheriff ron freemanRon Freeman was first hired during the most racist televised time period of Forsyth county post civil rights, 1987*google oprah Forsyth county*

he hires a cop to work as a deputy coroner that was recently fired for black face smh

Blackface is racist.
Not funny, just disgusting. When the chief of police found out his supervising officer took a photo in blackface, he fired him. The chief then went on vacation leaving his chief deputy in charge. Who removed the negative separation letter from the officer’s file and replaced it with a voluntary resignation. When the chief found out, he forced his chief deputy to resign, and he did. He then ran and won the election for sheriff. He bought his friend back with him, who enjoys wearing blackface and got him a job at the coroner’s office. Meet Ron Freeman the Sheriff of Forsyth County.

Forsyth County Racism
Forsyth County is one of the most racist counties in the state. Not only did Ron Freeman “lookout” for his cop buddy who got fired for being stupid and racist, but he also re-hired him when he became the sheriff as a deputy coroner. Do you still wonder why Tamla Horsford’s death investigation was a half-assed investigated and closed so quickly?

Ron Freeman, or Ronnie as I like to refer to the sheriff as started his career in law enforcement in 1987. And the home of one of the most significant post-civil rights KKK countermarches. Civil rights leaders Hosea Williams and activist Dick Gregory came to Forsyth County; to march peacefully in celebration of the King Holiday. When they stepped off the bus, they were greeted with racial slurs and rocks. Oprah came to Forsyth a few months later, and the welcoming committee met her at the county line with shouts of ****** go home. Oprah.

Ronnie rose the ranks, not by hard work and good policing. But by ass kissing and keeping his mouth shut. By the year 2000, he rose the ranks to captain, under then-Sheriff Ted Paxton.

In Ted Paxton delusional little mind, he was God, like. No one person in the county was more powerful than him, and everything had to go through him. He was the law, and no one dare cross him if they did he made sure they did not cross him twice. The feds coincidentally investigated two people that ran against him for sheriff, and one went to a federal prison. Beebe and Milton not saying they are innocent, but Teddy allowed Mr. Feel you up Franky to roam and prowl the sheriff’s halls unscathed.

Remember former Captain and convicted creep Frank Huggins convicted of sexual battery against a teen in 2019. Paxton

Frank Huggins Ron Freeman
Knew his Chief deputy was a creep, he tried ignoring it, hiding it, until he had no choice but to force the pervert to resign. Huggins received multiple sexual harassment complaints. That’s right the 16-year-old driving student that had to endure the sexual comments and groping from someone old enough to be her grandfather’s grandfather should have never happened. But Paxton looked out for his boy.

sexual forsyth county i am supreme justiceFreeman used him to help his campaign.
Freeman even spoke out to say his arrest in 2016 was political and Piper had an ax to grind. No dummy, Piper was Sheriff, and he was upholding the law. Huggins’s should have been on the sex offender registry years ago.

Then there is Todd Maloney; he had sex with a barely of age 18-year-old girl. Offered her information on what was on her criminal record for sex. Does it sound like prostitution doesn’t?

A clear exchange of goods and or services for sex is prostitution.
And when command leader Ronnie faced the decision of showing integrity and disciplining his deputy by firing him, he didn’t. Not only did a fornicating Maloney violate police policy, ethics, and the sworn oath. He stole county resources by engaging in in-moral activities for his gratification. Gross. His recommendation was a demotion to jail supervisor where he would still make around the same money. But Paxton outranked him and did nothing to him. Now Maloney is probably up to his old tricks with new tricks.

Or even more recently. Frank Karic complained to Freeman directly. Because his supervisor, Chris Barrett was sexually harassing his girlfriend. He was going to her job with his bald-headed sexual advances. What did Ronnie do? He fired him. No, not Chris Barrett, Frank Karic. Lauren McDonald, the coroner, got wind of this and being the faithful and honest citizen he is (aside from having an affair with Forsyth County DA Penny Penn) he confronted Ronnie and tried to explain to him that is wrong. Ronnie didn’t like that.

Lauren is only a coroner and always has something to say.
So Ronnie told Chris, and Chris called Bubba, to let him know that a teenage girl was alleging he sexually assaulted her. Yes, Chris Barrett who a married man, would go as far as making an allegation against Bubba that would place him where he should be, the sex offender registry. But Frank Karic sued Ronnie, because he had no basis for his firing, and according to the EEOC discrimination against someone with a disability is illegal. With the lawsuit, the news got wind, and Chris Barrett resigned and is now working at another police agency, patrolling and harassing the women in that community.

You already see Ronnie only cares about Ronnie, and how Ronnie looks. Sort of the reason he stands in the mirror practicing crossing his arms over his love handles, to look and sound authoritative and like a tv cop. Speaking of tv, Ronnie loves the camera, any opportunity to get in front of a camera he gleefully takes. Most of the things that happened in Forsyth that ends up on the news he was there, shiny patent leather shoes and all Ronnie was there.

Remember the ass from the begging of this story, Chris Shelton the guy Ronnie stuck his chubby little neck for and ended up getting forced to resign. Blackface Chris Shelton is at the coroner’s office. He does not care about black people. Let me break this down for you.

And on 1/13/13 then sheriff Duane Piper fired 11 deputies, not for political reasons but because they were corrupt and shouldn’t be in law enforcement. What did Ronnie do? He sued four times and lost. Then went to Brookhaven and brought Chris Shelton

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